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Revolutionizing Fat Transfer

  • Physicians have been seeking a way to improve the predictability of using autologous fat as a natural volumizer. Historically, the procedure has had inconsistent results, making it a difficult material to rely on, despite the numerous advantages of using fat compared to synthetic materials.
  • The Puregraft technology was developed to address the lack of standardization when preparing autologous fat grafts. With advanced filtering capabilities, Puregraft selectively washes fat tissue to remove contaminants such as blood, free lipid, and excess fluid in less than 15 minutes within a closed system. Removal of these contaminants improves graft retention, resulting in a consistently purified graft and more predicable outcomes.

Features and Benefits

  • Multiple sizes accommodate 30 – 850 mL of adipose tissue
  • Efficient processing in under 15 minutes
  • Selective filtration retains important growth factors and removes > 97% lipid, RBCs, and WBCs
  • Closed-system processing decreases risk of contamination
  • Consistently high graft quality across different harvest techniques

Procedure Benefits

  • User-controlled graft hydration minimizes the need for overfilling
  • Significantly reduced free lipid and blood cell content minimizes inflamation
  • Reduced inflammatory cell content minimizes immune response and reduces recovery time1
  • Atraumatic handling minimizes tissue damage and increases graft viability2
  • To watch an instructional video, visit www.puregraft.com/physicians/product
How it works
Puregraft Before

Adipose tissue is injected into the Puregraft System and filtered through the first membrane to remove blood cells, free lipid, tumescent solution, and other impurities introduced from the liposuction process. The second membrane directs the flow of debris for draining into the waste bag.

Fluid In - Fluid Out

The fat tissue is then washed twice with a defined volume of Lactated Ringer’s or saline solution.

Puregraft After

The purified tissue is then extracted from Puregraft and prepared for re-injection into the body.