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How Does the Keller Funnel Works?

The Keller Funnel™ — with its extremely lubricious hydrophilic coating — is submerged in a saline or other sterile solution after being properly sized based on implant volume. Once the nylon funnel has been prepared, an implant is placed inside its slick, cone-shaped walls. The small distal end of the FunnelTM is inserted into the surgically-prepared breast pocket. Using a pushing and squeezing motion, the surgeon easily propels the implant into place.

Give Me FiveGood Reasons

Whether your practice completes 25 or 250 implant procedures annually, the Keller Funnel™ makes good sense:


Employs No-Touch Delivery Technique


Decreases Surgery Time and Physician Fatigue


Limits Local Stress on Implant Shell Which May Lead to Rupture


May Reduce Incision Lengths


May Lessen Trauma to Patient Tissue


  • “The Keller Funnel™ definitely makes the process of inserting a silicone implant easier, permitting a smaller incision, and less trauma to the implant shell and surrounding patient tissue. I believe that it provides another very significant advantage by eliminating implant contact with the surrounding skin. It’s a clever piece of truly simple-to-use technology that all surgeons will find beneficial.”
    Alan Gold, M.D., Great Neck, NY
  • “First, it makes silicone gel placement easy! Second, it has allowed my implant focused practice to become more efficient by saving me time on every procedure. Every bit helps.”
    Jason N. Pozner, M.D., Boca Raton, FL